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Välkommen till Hammarby Hockey E-sport, Ville-Veikko Lampela

28 jun 2020

Ville-Veikko “Tunkeilija50” Lampela kommer från laget “The UnderRated” som tog sig till slutspel förra säsongen i divisionen “LITE”. Ville samlade in hela 84 poäng på 39 matcher.

Welcome to Hammarby Ville! How does it feel representing the swedish organisation Hammarby Hockey?

It feels great. I know it is a huge organisation and I have heard only good things about it even though I come from Finland, so that says a lot.

You came from the team “The UnderRated” that lost to “HV71 eSHL” in the playoffs. What are your ambitions for the upcoming season with Hammarby?

To win, of course. But also show from the first puck drop that we are here to win and we are going to be the next big thing.

Last question, a nice goal or a nice assist?

A nice assist, 100%. I will leave the scoring to my teammates.

/ Pontus Claughton




Hammarby IF - Köping HC

onsdag 19 augusti
19:00 SDC-hallen




Köping HC - Hammarby IF

fredag 14 augusti
19:30 Köpings Ishall



Grästorps PreseasonCup J18

Hammarby IF - Trelleborg Vikings

lördag 22 augusti
09:40 Åse Viste Arena


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